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Charles Farley

Long time reader, first time commenter; great post, interesting topic. My thoughts: In this day of ultra fast communications very public mistakes are becoming more and more common. Some internet guidelines to bear in mind:

*If you are going to have a personal blog or My Space account, either use an alias or bear in mind your boss most likely has a computer, your name and a brain. If you skip a day of work, don't blog about it on your My Space account...that may work out badly for you.
* If you like to type off color things to your favorite people, bear in mind that anything you put in print could become public at any given time...actually, that rule has been around since the old days of paper letter writing: words are remembered a matter of minutes, print lasts forever.
*There is no such thing as "right to privacy" when you are on your company's e-mail. If you type naughty on the business network, that also may work out poorly for you.
*If you type naughty from your home computer, well, that's fair game as well...if you type it, be prepared to back it up without blushing at any given time in the future. It's a litigious society we live in and most PC's come with a printer...you do the math.
*Last thing: If you are worried about it, here's an idea, it's called "the telephone". It's an archaic invention, but if you use a land line your odds of being documented in print are much lower...I repeat from above, "words are remembered for minutes, print lasts forever". If you have something less than PC to say, well, try dialing instead of typing.

Just an old fashioned idea of mine from the 80's...

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